Welcome to the TIE module for Mobile Device Podcasting.

This module will include the agenda and the facilitator's guide. As each presenter does their module on mobile device podcasting, participants will add their information and presentations that they have obtained or created that they think would enhance all users use of mobile device podcasting within their classroom environment.

As I worked on this module, I realized picking a particular tool and creating a workshop designed around just one tool is not the answer need in this common core state standards educational environment. Therefore the training module is created giving you the tools and resources you need to allow your students to create podcasts through mobile devices as well as how to retrieve podcasts through a mobile device. This is what I foresee as the future of education with ccss. Give students an assignment, the final product you expect, and let them choose the resource or product that they want to use to produce and give you the final product desired.

As participants create a podcasts for a subject area and/or grade level, they should add a link and/or page that directs participants to their creations. Let's show people the power of a wiki to enhance learning.

I think this will be a great way to help all educators use mobile device podcasting in a positive way to enhance student learning and achievement. As always, if you have questions or comments or see where changes need to be made, join the wiki and let's make it be the best to help students and each other.

Susan Gilley
Module Developer